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Man working alone is injured on the job at work site

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Construction work sites can be the scene of any number of work injuries. There are typically a great deal of safety precautions and standards in place to minimize the chances of a workplace injury. Also, other workers are quick to react and get needed help when someone suffers a workplace injury in California or elsewhere. The scene can be dramatically different when a worker is alone when they are injured on the job.

At one construction site recently, it was a passer-by to the rescue. A construction worker was alone on the site. He was several feet off the ground on a ladder. He fell off at some point and ended up being impaled by a piece of steel rebar.

The man is estimated to have fallen between six and eight feet. The passer-by called for help when they spotted the worker impaled and alone. Rescue workers on the scene cut the rebar to free the man and transport him for help. He was taken by helicopter to a trauma center, where he was classified as the highest priority for rescuers to attend to. There was no word as to the exact nature of the injuries or the body part that was impaled.

Any kind of incident that results in a worker being injured on the job can create havoc in the workplace and be frightening to deal with. When a serious incident, such as an impaling, has occurred, the worker may have a long road to recovery and may possibly be unable to work for a significant amount of time, if ever. In California and elsewhere, workers are entitled to benefits that are designed to help them deal with the financial consequences of such an injury and professional assistance is available to pursue these important state-regulated insurance benefits.

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