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Worker injured on the job due to gas vapors

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Automotive repair shops can be dangerous because of the nature of the work and the materials used in that kind of work environment. Any automotive repair shop in California must follow specific standards and regulations to ensure the safety and welfare of both workers and customers. When gasoline is involved, the risk that a worker may be injured on the job is increased, even if they are doing their best to abide by the standards and regulations in place.

A recent incident in an automotive repair shop resulted in a worker needing medical care for an injury. There were gasoline vapors inside the shop. Somehow, the vapors ignited and caused a fire. While the fire was quickly extinguished and contained within the actual shop, a worker did suffer injuries.

The injured worker transported himself to the hospital for medical care. He suffered burn injuries. The severity of the burns was not reported. Investigators did say the fire seemed to be an accident.

Burn injuries can be particularly troublesome and require extended medical are for victims. Anyone in California who is injured on the job and suffers burns as a result may need ongoing treatment or may need to miss work in order to deal with the injury and medical care. In California and elsewhere, workers’ compensation benefits can give an injured worker the access to the medical care they need and also help them deal with the aftermath of lost wages if they had to miss work to seek that treatment.

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