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Worker injured on the job while building grocery store

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

The erection of major stores and grocery store chains can entail a lot of hard work and include a great number of workers to complete the tasks. Most every construction worker in California is highly trained as to the skills needed to perform the job and the safety regulations that may keep them safe and also keep their co-workers safe. However, despite the training and safety precautions, accidents may still occur, and workers may need help after being injured on the job.

A recent incident resulted in a worker being hurt while on a site for a new Whole Foods store. The worker was operating a hose that was pouring concrete into the ground below the site. He somehow hit himself with the hose.

The worker needed to be transported to a nearby medical facility to attend to injuries that were reported to be serious. He was listed in stable condition. The job site was then cited for two other violations that were not directly related to the accident that led to the worker’s injuries. One of the citations was for failing to safeguard workers.

This worker or any other worker who is injured on the job may have to deal with medical bills and the effects of not having an income for the day, weeks or longer if they need to recover from the injuries. In California and elsewhere, workers are able to rely on workers’ compensation benefits to help offset any financial hardship that being injured on the job may cause. Those who work in an industry or field where an injury is possible may want to understand their benefits and what can happen if they are injured.

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