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Worker injured on the job at California site

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Any kind of work in the construction industry can be particularly risky. However, when there is a job site or specific project that requires construction workers to be on the scene at night, there may be an increased chance of a worker being injured on the job. Recently in California, a worker was injured on the job as he worked along the road at night.

The accident happened in El Dorado Hills on a Wednesday night. While the job was taking place along a roadway, initial reports indicate the accident that occurred did not involve a vehicle on the road. It was related to the project at hand somehow.

The construction worker who was injured needed medical attention and was taken to a hospital after the incident. The exact nature of the injuries and also how severe the injuries may have been was not immediately known or reported. The fire department investigated the scene and the incident.

Whenever a worker is injured on the job, regardless of the nature of the injuries or the type of job at hand, that injured worker has rights and protections under California law. Workers’ compensation laws in California are designed to help workers avoid being saddled with financial difficulties after a workplace injury. Those benefits will cover a worker’s medical bills, lost wages and other expenses that may have been accrued as a result of being injured on the job. Any worker in California who is unsure of his or her rights and benefits may want to inquire about the nature of the benefits in which he or she is entitled.

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