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California employee suffered an injury on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in a market or any kind of retail establishment does not typically come with too many hazards. Since there is money at these locales, there is always the danger posed by those who may wish to rob a place. A recent California incident highlights how risky it may be for some employees, as one person suffered an injury on the job while an attempted robbery took place.

The scene of the incident and injury was a market in Sacramento. A 34-year-old man cut another person with a knife late on a Sunday afternoon. Subsequently, that same individual went inside a local market and used his knife to cut an employee. He then demanded cash.

The man was detailed by customers in the market until authorities could make it to the scene. The employee suffered minor injuries, as did the other person who was cut earlier. The individual who injured the employee faces assault and attempted robbery charges.

The employee who suffered an injury on the job may have to deal with medical bills and may have to miss work to deal with the effects of being stabbed while at work in the market. In California and elsewhere, workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect a worker who is injured while working. The applicable benefits are intended to provide insurance coverage for medical bills resulting from a work injury, as well as to provide a lost income package for any time missed from work while recovering. Anyone who is injured on the job, regardless of minor or severe, may gain by becoming aware of their legal rights and the procedures involved in perfecting a claim for benefits.

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