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Industrial workers’ accidents can be fatal and costly

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Accidents can happen on any job resulting in injuries of those involved, but some work environments naturally are more risky than others. Employers are required by the state of California to carry workers’ compensation insurance to benefit and aide any employee who may be injured on the job. Industrial workers’ accidents unfortunately can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Recently, a family lost their husband and father as a result of an unfortunate accident working for an electrical company.

During a winter storm in northern California, many power lines in the area were knocked down by trees. The 41-year-old victim was dispatched with his company to fix the fallen lines. In the process of a tree branch removal to make the area safe, the worker was hit by a large branch.

Sadly, the man did not survive the severe injuries he sustained. Authorities had to inform his wife and two sons of the tragedy. The accident is still in the early stages of investigation.

Although the man died and no longer will be receiving income from his employer, his wife and children may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. During the grieving period, it can be overwhelming to sort through expensive unexpected medical and burial costs. An experienced California lawyer can advise a family of their eligibility to insurance benefits that may help alleviate some of the financial strain. Lawyers can guide similar victims through the claims process for any injury sustained in industrial workers’ accidents to ensure rightful benefits are received.

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