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On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

When a California worker is injured on the job, a complicated process may unfold in the days and weeks that follow. Depending on the circumstances and severity of an injury, an injured worker may require repeated visits to a doctor in order to achieve recovery. In addition, the incident must be reported to the employer and documents signed and submitted if a workers’ compensation claim is being filed.

Many injured workers have filed claims to receive benefits, only to have those claims denied by an employer or insurance company. To avoid such stressful situations, it may help to seek guidance from a workers’ compensation attorney before filing a claim. If a denial has already been issued, an attorney will be able to offer guidance as to how best to address the situation in order to obtain the benefits and assistance one needs in light of the injuries one has suffered on the job.

The Law Office of Gary C. Nelson offers free consultations to those with questions or concerns regarding workers’ compensation in California. We can review your situation to help you determine whether you are in need of temporary or permanent disability benefits. In addition to receiving compensation to replace lost wages, we understand that your injuries may necessitate short- or long-term medical assistance, and we are prepared to help make certain you receive the care you need.

If at all possible, we will help see to it that you can keep your job. It is illegal for an employer to terminate a worker’s employment because of a work-related injury. The Law Office of Gary C. Nelson is committed to helping you obtain the workers’ compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered and  to getting you back to work as soon as possible.