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Employer negligence can lead to electrical injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A lot of people understand that there is a risk of electrical shock that construction workers face every day on the job. These people would find it surprising that electrocution remains one of the bigger risks faced by employees outside of the construction sector as well. Electricity can pose a risk in any workplace.

Chances are good that you have to interact with electronic equipment throughout the day. Overall, you may be surprised at how many different potential risk factors for electrocution you face each day on your job.

Installing wiring is not the only risk factor for electrical injuries

There is absolutely a high level of risk of electrocution anytime somebody installs, removes or otherwise adjusts the wiring in a building. Even with adequate safeguards in place, accidents can still happen. All it takes is the wrong person flipping a breaker to leave someone in the hospital or worse.

Still, these kinds of injuries are largely preventable and are often due to mistakes, rather than employer negligence. There are many other kinds of electrical injuries that result from a failure on the part of an employer. For example, accumulation of water near a location with bad wiring represents two different issues with maintaining the space, both of which could contribute to a serious electrical injury.

Degraded wiring or poorly maintained machinery can lead to electrocution as well

How long has it been since your employer updated the wiring at your workplace? Even office buildings and small business facilities in residential neighborhoods require safe and modern wiring. Ungrounded outlets, wires fraying in the walls and other risk factors associated with aging electrical systems could put you or any of your co-workers in danger of a severe electrical injury, including both shocks and burns.

Similarly, the condition of the equipment in your office or workspace can put you at risk. Any device with aging wiring or mechanical components could malfunction, potentially leading to an electrical injury. Electricity is a powerful force, capable of delivering heart-stopping jolts, as well as of causing severe burns and even nerve damage.

Workers should have the comfort that comes from knowing their work space is safe. If your employer fails to maintain the electrical components in your workplace, they could end up liable if anyone, including yourself, gets hurt.

For those who suffered an electrical injury on the job, it may be important to review the circumstances of the injury. If employer neglect played a role, there may be grounds for both a lawsuit against your employer, as well as workers’ compensation benefits while you recover.