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Workplace injuries: Man claims unfair treatment after injury

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Suffering from an injury obtained on a job site is often difficult. In addition to the pain and injuries that require medical treatment, injured workers may worry about the cost of medical treatment in addition to missed time at work. Most California employers provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits for workplace injuries to help workers heal and return to work. One worker in another state has claimed his injury has resulted in unfair treatment following his return from his healed injury.

According to the lawsuit, the employee suffered a fall down some stairs while working as a train conductor. According to the man, the fall was a result of a trip. Reportedly, the injury was documented and medically treated.

After the man returned to work, he claims that his employer did not allow him to continue work as a conductor. In addition, he has made claims that his employer recorded the fall as a result of another pre-existing health condition and did not document information from a witness. He has filed a lawsuit seeking $300,000 and reinstatement to his position as a conductor.

California attorneys understand that workplace injuries can be a headache for employees in more ways than one. Some injuries require missed time at work and filing complicated workers’ insurance claims. Every injury case is different as well as every employee’s specific needs. Attorneys can review an individual’s case and advise according to the needs of the employee, whether it is assisting with a workers’ compensation claim or other legal pursuits.