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Fatal workplace accident: ladder fall leads to tragedy

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2012 | Workplace Accidents |

Accidents on the job that result in an injury occur on a frequent basis across the country. A fatal work injury, although not as common, still occurs on numerous job sites each year. In a recent out-of-state case, one man died as the result of an accident that occurred while he was on a ladder, a tool that is the cause of many California work accidents.

Details surrounding the circumstances of the accident remain sketchy. According to police who responded to the incident, it is believed that a man was climbing a ladder that was installed on a dump truck to speak with a co-worker. As he did this, the bed of the dump truck moved, somehow crushing the man.

The man was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment. Tragically, he was later pronounced dead as a result of his injuries. It is as yet unclear what caused the truck bed to shift while the man was on the ladder. However, Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials have said that they intend to investigate the matter.

Due to the worker sustaining injuries while he was on the job, his family is likely able to qualify for workers’ compensation death benefits. These benefits are designed to assist families in California and across the country who are forced to endure a substantial financial burden as a result of their family member suffering a fatal work injury.

The benefits typically cover funeral costs and related expenses, as well as provide a death benefit occasioned by the loss of the workers income from employment. While nothing can undo the tragedy that has already occurred, these benefits can at least work to reduce any financial burden created by the fatal accident.

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