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California worker injured in elevator shaft fall

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2012 | Workplace Accidents |

Recently, a California construction worker was injured when he fell approximately 25 feet down an elevator shaft. According to Palo Alto Fire Department officials, the man was working on the second floor of an office building in the Stanford Research Park when he was injured on the job. Authorities responding to the call that morning found that the man had plunged through an opening in an elevator shaft at the work site.

Officials say identified the man as an employee of Swinerton Builders. They say paramedics provided first aid to him and after stabilizing him, pulled him from the shaft and transported him to Stanford University Hospital for further treatment. A company spokesman reported the man in stable condition, but in intensive care, shortly after the accident. It’s not known what his condition is currently.

The construction company spokesperson says it contacted the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health to report the incident. The spokesperson states the company has been on hand to cooperate and help in the investigation in order to determine what happened. A statement by Cal-OSHA says more information will be provided as it is uncovered.

All of the details of this incident have yet to be determined. It will be important for the man injured on the job and his family to ensure they know their rights under California law with regard to workplace injury and workers’ compensation. Before any decisions are made that could negatively affect the delivery of all benefits due, the family should be consulting an attorney with experience in workers’ compensation law.

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