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Work injury marks second in 2 months at Disneyland California

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2012 | Workplace Injuries |

As our California readers likely know, on-the-job accidents can occur to anyone, at any time. Recently, one workplace has been the site of two accidents causing work injury within two months of each other. The accidents occurred at Disneyland’s Space Mountain, and both involved serious injuries.

The most recent accident occurred when a worker was cleaning the roof. According to officials, the 37-year-old man slid down the sloped roof and collided with a barrier at the base of the roof. Though the exact cause of the accident has not been revealed, officials believe that the harness ropes came loose. The board of work site safety for California is investigating the accident.

The worker suffered serious injuries in the accident including a broken clavicle, broken leg and serious injuries to his ribs. The accident a month before this one also happened on the Space Mountain ride when a vehicle in the building hit a worker. That accident also caused serious injuries, though the exact nature of these injuries was not disclosed.

Whenever a work injury occurs in California, the accident may involve an investigation by authorities. Injured workers may have a difficult time moving forward following an on-the-job accident, both physically and financially. Thankfully, California has workers’ compensation laws in place to help injured workers move forward following an injury. Having the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim can help injured workers rest assured that they and their loved ones will be provided for, so that they can focus on their recovery.

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