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California workers can be injured at work by unseen dangers

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2013 | Workplace Injuries |

A recent study has found that offices in California and nationwide can be more dangerous than we realize, both from causes that we can see and those we cannot. Those who work in white-collar office jobs tend to think of their workplaces as predictable and safe. However, there are many common problems in the workplace that could cause someone to be injured at work. Some of the greatest dangers on the job that have been identified include slips, trips and falls.

Some unseen problems in offices can cause sickness and a general feeling of ill health. Factors such as mold, chemicals, odors and other invisible pollutants in the air can cause headaches and breathing problems for many workers. However, many researchers are quick to point out that psychological stress and paranoia at work can lead to illness and anxiety as well.

The fastest growing danger in the workplace is the simple act of sitting at a desk. Sitting is a great risk because it causes heart disease, obesity and diabetes over time. In fact, it has been found that exercise cannot undo the damage that has been done by sitting behind a desk at work.

Many companies in modern times are building green facilities which benefit the environment. However, ideas that are beneficial to the environment may not be healthy for the workers within the office building. Problems ranging from bright glaring lights to energy efficient windows can cause eye strain for employees. Also, modern air systems produce more humidity, which encourages germ-carrying insects to make the office their home.

The study also examined the lack of office space and an absence of dividing walls, which could encourage the spread of harmful bacteria. Another growing cause of concern is neck, shoulder and wrist pain that is caused by the widespread use of laptops and tablets.

There are multiple ways that an office worker can be injured at work, simply by showing up every day and doing work. People who find themselves with a health problem that may have been caused by their workplace may be relieved to know that legal help is available to California workers. They may wish to seek guidance about their problem to determine if they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits that can help cover any medical bills or lost wages that result from their workplace illness or injury.

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