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New safety standards may help reduce work injury cases

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

Work place technology has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially in the manufacturing industry. In an attempt to keep up and also limit work injury cases, California companies and others are trying to implement new machine safety standards. In a recent industry news report, one California manager and safety expert implies consistency in machine safety standards is needed.

According to the report, the party ultimately responsible for the safety record of any given machine is the party using it. However, the safety guidelines are set with the builder of the machine. Evaluating and calculating how best to reduce the possibility of misuse or work injury is in the best interests of both the workers using the machines and the creators of the machines.

The report indicates formulas are being implemented that will help determine risk assessment and identify possible hazards related to the machine itself. While the industry works diligently to operate under the standards required by OSHA, the report indicates there is room for improving the actual machines themselves and not just the operating procedures. The report says there will be a move to make the machine controls and safety features consistent across the board just as operating procedures are consistent in the manufacturing industry.

While there may always be risks involved in any industry or job that requires the use of machinery, attempts to make the machines safer only benefit California employees and employers across the board. This consistency may potentially reduce work injury cases for a number of industries. However, if standards are put in place and a work injury still occurs the injured worker has rights and should ensure those rights are protected for himself and his or her family.

Source: Automation World, “Adapting to the New Machine Safety Standard,” David Greenfield, March 13, 2013