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NFL players fight for California work injury compensation

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2013 | Workplace Injuries |

Anyone who has ever watched professional football can see how easily that injuries can occur. However, the state of California decided that players in the National Football League were not legally allowed to seek work injury compensation for any injuries they received playing football. Former players with the NFL have since decided to sue so they can hopefully garner workers’ compensation rights in California.

According to news reports, there are currently over 60 players involved in the lawsuit. However, the opposing side argues that the players waived their rights to seek compensation in their contracts. There have been two other lawsuits filed in California pertaining to players seeking the right to receive benefits in California.

Back in December, the players were ordered to withdraw any attempts to gain compensation for injuries. However, lawyers for the players call that decision unconstitutional. They contend the players were all injured in the state or that previous injuries were made worse when they played in California.

While this case is still in limbo and the final decision as to whether former NFL players can receive workers’ compensation in California is still being playing out in a court of law, it is undeniable that some players suffer serious injuries while playing. Certain players suffer from head injuries that vastly affect what they may be able to do after their time as a football player is up. Others may reasonably suffer different but equally serious physical injuries that make it difficult to get around or leave them in pain for the rest of their life. If anyone suffers long term or reoccurring trauma or injuries related to what they do for a living, they may want to see if they are eligible for work injury compensation in California.

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