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California worker suffered an injury on the job after falling

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

Outdoor construction work in any capacity can carry a lot of risks and workers can easily become injured without warning. Recently, a California worker suffered an injury on the job when he took a steep fall into a hole. The worker needed medical attention after the incident.

The worker, who was not identified, fell 14 feet into an open hole. After falling in, he was apparently trapped inside for about an hour. During that time, responding firefighters were able to find a way to lower a backboard down to the trapped worker. He was able to be lifted out afterward.

After being lifted out, the construction worker was transported to a medical facility. Neither his condition nor the exact nature of his injuries was made public. The man had been doing system work for Southern California Edison through a contract with the company that directly employed him.

While the exact nature or severity of the California worker’s injuries were not known, since he suffered an injury on the job that required medical attention, he may be out of work for a while or may even need physical therapy or on-going medical treatment. The workers’ comp benefits mandated by California law from his employer may help the injured worker cover the expenses he may incur due to the injuries that have been suffered. If a worker sustains injuries that make it impossible for him or her to work for a time, workers’ compensation benefits may also help that person continue providing for their family in the meantime.

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