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Work injury prevention may help California workers

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Workplace Injuries |

While many accidents and injuries may be unavoidable in the workplace, there are certain things employers and employees can do to minimize the incidents of injuries. Any kind of work injury, minor and major, can alter the workplace and cost employees and employers financially. A work injury can also prevent some from continuing to do a job they may love. A recent article describes some tips to help California employees prevent a work injury that could alter their ability to work or affect their quality of life later on.

One of the most basic tips shared in a recent article is to get up from your position once an hour. A short walk to the bathroom each hour can increase circulation and help prevent future injury. Also, walks at lunch are recommended to help avoid unnecessary injury. The amount of time workers spend being sedentary is increasing office injuries such as carpal tunnel and back pain, and these tips can help workers avoid those conditions.

Other tips relate to how people work and not necessarily where. An expert in the industry states people often fail to type in the correct position. This leads to an increase in carpal tunnel and wrist strain. Having your hands placed correctly on a keyboard and giving yourself breaks can help stave off these issues.

While no amount of advice or tips can fully prevent a work injury such as carpal tunnel, common tips may help prolong work times and help employees better deal with conditions if they arise. Carpal tunnel and back pain are serious problems in California office settings and can truly become debilitating. Anyone who feels they may have these conditions or be prone to develop a work injury based on their job should know their rights and possible benefits that they may be eligible for, such as workers’ compensation.

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