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California worker fatally injured on the job

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

Construction work on any kind of major project can be particularly dangerous for everyone involved. Large-scale projects that take months or even years to complete can be the site of more than one incident of someone being injured on the job. Just recently in California, a worker at the site of a new stadium fell victim to a fatal work injury.

The incident occurred at the site where a new stadium is being built for the San Francisco 49ers. There was a load of rebar that somehow came loose and fell. The rebar fell onto a worker below and that worker was transported to a hospital. However, despite efforts to save the man, he died from his injuries.

The site was closed for the day and the other crews at the scene were sent home after the fatal accident. The stadium site has also been the scene of another fatal injury since the project began. A 63-year-old worker died after being struck in the head this summer.

An investigation may uncover exactly what happened and how the load of rebar was able to come loose. This information may help prevent any further injuries at the stadium site before it is set to be complete in 2014. Despite the exact cause of the accident, the family of the man who was fatally injured on the job is entitled to certain rights and benefits in California. Those workers’ compensation survivor benefits may help them deal with the financial ramifications of losing a loved one in a construction accident.

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