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Group works to decrease work injury incidents in California

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

The majority of workers and employers in any given industry follow set safety standards, abide by training and generally work to secure a safe working environment for every single person in a given facility. However, despite every effort most California businesses make to prevent any kind of work injury incidents, work injuries can still happen. To further help businesses keep those numbers down and keep workers safe, several groups have banded together to put forth comprehensive training for small businesses across the state.

The University of California, Cal/OSHA and other entities are providing valuable training to help lessen injuries and prevent hazards. They have developed the Taking Action for Safety and Health course intended to train employers who have less than 50 employees. The training is free.

The goal of the training sessions is to help show where hidden hazards may lie. The sessions also assist businesses with outlining safety guidelines and plans. The training also gives California small business owners the chance to ask questions and inquire about specific needs by giving them access to industry experts.

The training and safety regulations required for employers and employees all across California can naturally vary according to the exact nature of the industry or unique dangers of a given job. However, workers’ compensation laws in California are designed to protect and safeguard any employee regardless of the industry they are in. Any kind of work injury may require hospitalization and lost work hours. The laws and safety standards are designed to minimize the chances of a work injury, and also to ensure workers receive medical care and recoup lost wages if they are injured on the job.

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