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California equipment operator suffers fatal work injury

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Workplace Accidents |

Some lines of work are more dangerous than others. Even when a construction worker is highly trained and experienced, a fatal work injury can still occur under certain circumstances. Recently in California, a construction worker suffered a fatal work injury while doing a seemingly simple job.

The 49-year-old worker, who was employed by Rivers Edge Construction, was driving an excavator onto a barge. For some reason, the heavy machinery slid off and went into the water below. The excavator landed in roughly 15 feet of water in the Sacramento River.

The worker died as a result of the accident. Divers had to work for around three hours to get to the cabin part of the machine. The cabin was partly buried in several feet of silt at the bottom of the river. There is currently an investigation into the incident and findings will be reported in a matter of months.

When a fatal work accident like this happens, if there are violations or hazards that led to the accident, those issues typically need to be addressed by the company or employer who may be at fault. Despite any findings of fault, there are rights and protections under California workers’ compensation laws anytime a worker who is killed in a fatal work injury in our state. The family of this work accident victim may be entitled to monetary benefits that could ease the burden and financial strain of losing a member of their family. The benefits may help with lost wages, funeral costs and related expenses.

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