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Truck driver suffered an injury on the job that killed him

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

When California residents think of a truck driver dying while working, many people tend to think of a motor vehicle accident. However, other dangers can cause serious injury and even death to truck drivers. Recently a truck driver suffered an injury on the job that killed him. He was not driving at the time — he was at a loading dock.

He and another truck driver from the same company parked their trucks side by side at a loading dock for Brighton Best International, Inc. in Santa Fe Springs. At least the victim appeared to believe both trucks were already parked since he walked behind the other driver’s truck. Unfortunately, that truck was still backing up, and the truck driver was pinned between the truck and the loading dock.

By the time emergency personnel arrived, it was obvious the 60-year-old man’s injuries were fatal. Police interviewed the other truck driver. In accordance with the findings of the preliminary investigation, that driver was neither charged nor cited in the accident.

California truck drivers may be reading this and shaking their heads in understanding of the dangers they face both in and out of their vehicles. A trucker that has suffered an injury on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to assist with the medical bills and other expenses related to recovery. An injured worker may also receive a benefits package for wages lost during a period of recovery as well. When a worker dies, his or her family may apply for death benefits to cover the cost of burial, and may also be entitled to a settlement concerning the loss of their loved one’s income.

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