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Worker suffers work injury at generation station

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Any kind of work or operation inside of an electrical generation station can be dangerous. Workers are highly trained to work around the electrical components. However, those who are there to do a job unrelated to electricity can suffer from a work injury also. Any California carpenter who works on any industrial site may want to follow the story of a recent work injury at an electrical generation station in another state.

The carpenter was on the site with another carpenter to install some trim around a rollup door at the generating station. He was on an aerial lift platform at the time of the accident. He was only about four feet off the ground when the aerial platform rolled. This caused the man to be pinned between the door he was working on and the platform.

The man was pinned and suffered an injury to his chest. He underwent surgery to help relieve the pressure. Work was halted at the site, and Occupational Safety and Health was notified about the incident. The age of the man and the exact nature of his injuries were not reported.

The man who was injured at this particular electric generating station, which is located in Alaska, may lose wages as he struggles to recover. He may also have medical bills to deal with because of the work injury. In California and elsewhere, worker’s compensation laws are in place to protect workers from financial consequences if they are injured while simply doing their job. An investigation into this incident or any other work injury can help industry leaders find safer ways to operate machinery and new ways to train workers so they can avoid future work injury situation.

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