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California airport worker suffers fatal work injury

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

When people think about dangerous jobs, they may not think too much about airports except in the context of the dangers involved in flight. However, there are many other California airport jobs that could lead to a work injury. In fact, a recent incident at LAX highlights just how dangerous the workplace can really be.

A 51-year-old man was driving a baggage cart on a service road. At some point, he fell out of the cart and was struck by the cart he was towing along. It was unclear if he fell due to a medical condition or if he lost control of the baggage cart somehow.

When the man was found by paramedics who came to the scene, he was not conscious. Attempts to revive the man were unsuccessful, and he was pronounced dead. There will be a coroner’s examination to determine cause of death, and the fatal accident is being investigated by the airport.

In California and elsewhere, there are usually death benefits for the dependents of those who suffer a fatal work injury. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits can help a worker who is injured or help the family left behind when a worker has been killed on the job. Monetary benefits may help families contend with lost wages, medical bills and funeral costs accrued by the family after a death. Any California worker, or the surviving family of someone killed on the job, may benefit from having a full understanding of their benefits and rights with respect to this crucial, state regulated insurance program.

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