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California car company fined because of injured workers

On Behalf of | May 5, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

Factories that manufacture cars can be particularly dangerous places to work. The metal and machinery can lead to situations where injured workers require medical attention. When there are cases of injured workers in California manufacturing facilities, there may be an investigation into what caused the injuries. Recently, an investigation into Tesla Motors in California led to fines as the facility was in violation of safety standards.

The incident at Tesla Motors began as workers were operating a casting press. The press was not operating correctly or in a safe way, which led to the workers getting splattered with hot metal. This led to second degree burns and also third degree burns for some of the workers. Reportedly, clothing also caught on fire.

It was determined through an investigation by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health that the company was in violation of safety standards. The workers allegedly did not have the proper protective gear on. The company has been fined $89,000 due to the incident. The car company can appeal the fine and decision as to the safety violation that led to the three workers being injured.

Whenever there is an incident at a California company that leads to injured workers, an investigation may uncover the reasons for its occurrence and best ways to prevent a similar incident. Fines imposed may help to reduce the likelihood of a similar incident happening. Whenever a worker is injured and suffers burns, like these Tesla Motors workers did, having workers’ compensation benefits in place to help the individuals deal with financial issues and medical bills can be vital.

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