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California construction workers suffer unusual work injury

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Whenever construction workers show up to the job site, there may be an initial inspection of the premises. Typically, any worries about a work injury or mishap relate to equipment or on-the-job safety issues. However, despite the typical injuries someone may envision being related to a construction site, any job place and any job site can be the scene of violence. Recently, two California construction site workers found themselves dealing with an armed man on their site.

The construction workers were at their work site on a Sunday afternoon. They apparently saw a man on their premises who was urinating. The workers confronted the man and told him to refrain from his actions.

According to reports, the men contend that the homeless man pulled a knife on them after he was confronted. One of the construction workers suffered what was described as serious injuries from the attack. That worker needed to be taken to a nearby San Francisco hospital. The other construction worker suffered a stab wound to his arm, but it was unclear as to whether or not he required medical attention.

Injuries from a stabbing can require surgery and other ongoing medical treatments. The California worker who suffered the life-threatening injuries may have ongoing and mounting medical bills to contend with. Any kind of work injury that leads to medical treatment is covered by California workers’ compensation laws. As the worker recovers, he may need to rely on workers’ compensation benefits to help him to deal with lost wages or other expenses that he is incurring in the aftermath of this work injury.

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