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Clarity of workers’ compensation claims a must in California

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Like most legal areas or situations, there is much room for confusion and many misconceptions that surround the topic of workers’ compensation laws and regulations. Anyone in California who is injured on the job in any way should take it upon themselves to seek accurate answers and learn the facts about the workers’ compensation process. Not knowing the facts could prove disastrous for anyone struggling to deal with a work injury and the financial ramifications of being hurt.

The first thing anyone injured on the job should do is file formal notice with their employer. An employer needs to be aware of the exact nature of an injury as soon as possible. Once aware of the injury, the employer and the insurance company will investigate the claim, and it will either be accepted or denied.

If a claim is accepted, the issue of getting the most benefits possible may then arise. If a claim is denied, there are options for that employee. Many claims are denied and then appealed, onlyto then be accepted by the appeals board. A legal representative can help assess the claim and evaluate the chances of that claim being denied or accepted.

No one injured at work should settle for shouldering the financial burden of that injury. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect the workforce in every way. Our law firm’s web page focusing on the process for filing a workers’ compensation claim can help explain the process and serve as a reliable source of information for any California worker who has been injured on the job.

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