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Water heater installation leads to work injury in California

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

Routine maintenance at retail shops is vital for those shops to stay up and running. The plumbing and heating systems all need to be maintained and handled with care by professionals. Recently, workers at a yogurt shop in California were putting in a water heater with the help of a gas company employee when a work injury took place.

The incident happened in the morning at a shop that was still under construction. The three people involved were in the process of installing a tank-less water heater. For some reason, the water heater exploded.

One man was able to run from the scene and went inside another establishment. He asked people there to call for help. All three of the workers needed to be transported to an area hospital for burn injuries. It was reported that they had facial burns. There is an investigation into the incident.

When an accident such as this occurs and any worker suffers a work injury of this magnitude, there may be extensive medical bills with which to deal. It may also be necessary to seek ongoing treatment in the form of therapy, surgeries and other burn treatments that can be costly and painful. Burn injuries can also impact a person’s ability to work again and create a financial strain on that worker and his or her family. Anyone in California who suffers from a burn injury on the job should be keenly aware of his or her benefits and know what kind of legal action may be warranted if those benefits are secured.

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