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California bridge collapse leads to injured workers

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Working on the highway or on bypasses can be dangerous for any number of reasons. The equipment used and the height involved when bridge bypass work needs to be completed all leads to the very strict safety standards by which California companies must abide. Despite these standards and training, accidents can still occur and can easily result in seriously injured workers.

One recent accident in California occurred as workers were engaged in construction work on a highway bypass bridge. Concrete was being poured into a section of the bridge. The section collapsed, and there were workers trapped and injured. One freed himself from underneath the extensive rubble.

Another trapped worker needed to be extricated from the rubble by crews on the scene. That worker was airlifted from the scene for treatment of major injuries. Other workers were injured as well. Safety officers and engineers were planning to investigate the scene and work on that specific bypass was discontinued for the time being.

The injured workers may be facing costly medical treatment and need to take time off work to recover from the injuries they suffered. It is possible that such injuries can mean an inability to work again in a given field. When a worker is injured on the job in California and must rely on workers’ compensation benefits to meet medical and financial needs, that worker may run into road blocks or find it difficult to collect all benefits applicable to his or her specific circumstances. Fortunately, legal help is available to file and pursue a workers’ comp claim and, if necessary, to file an appeal disputing any denied benefits.

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