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Construction worker suffered an injury on the job

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

Work involving heavy machinery can be dangerous despite the many safety regulations in place across the country. For one worker, performing construction duties on a college campus led to an accident, and the worker suffered an injury on the job. Any California worker who deals with heavy machinery may want to learn more about the incident.

The accident happened on a late January morning when the 28-year-old man was at a job site where a residence hall is being constructed. He was working on a hydraulic lift at the time. The hydraulic lift tipped over for an unknown reason and the man fell to the ground below.

The worker was buckled into a safety harness when the fall occurred. Despite this safety precaution, he still received lacerations and broken bones as a result. The man was transferred to a medical facility and was reported to be conscious when he was transported. The street was closed while the piece of machinery was to removed from the scene.

The injuries suffered by the worker may require him to take a significant amount of leave from work so as to ensure a proper recovery. When someone has suffered an injury on the job, such as this one, the time off can result in lost wages that could greatly impact the financial stability of the worker and his or her family. With proper awarding of workers’ compensation benefits to cover those financial losses, a California worker can ensure his or her rights are protected and maximum recovery is achieved with minimal impact on his or her finances. Not being aware of the proper amount of benefits that should be awarded or failing to understand the rights a worker has can result in losing out on benefits.

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