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Fatal work injury takes life of construction worker

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

The construction business can be very dangerous even with a plethora of rules and regulations in place. While California construction sites are generally made as safe as possible, a work injury can still take place. This is demonstrated by a recent work injury that took the life of a man who was working on a stairwell.

The accident happened at an out-of-state construction site in mid-February. Workers were in the stairwell of an apartment building that was under construction when the collapse occurred. The workers needed to clear rubble to reach their trapped co-worker.

The 58-year-old man was transported from the scene to a nearby medical facility; however, he succumbed to the internal injuries he suffered. The police are investigating the incident to pinpoint a reason the stairwell collapsed. No mention was made of a pending investigation into the accident by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration; however, one should not rule out the possibility.

Anytime there is a fatal work injury in California or elsewhere, an investigation may pinpoint the cause of the accident or the malfunction that led to the injuries and death. While finding a cause can help companies prevent future accidents or injuries and help authorities determine if negligence was the cause, the family of the victim of a fatal work accident may need more than just an understanding of what happened. Workers’ compensation benefits may be needed in order for the family to remain financially stable. Some families may be best served by enlisting legal help to ensure that they receive all of the benefits needed and deserved after losing loved ones to on-the-job injuries.

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