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California restaurant worker injured on the job by truck

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

For restaurant workers, the thought of being hit by a truck may be on the bottom of the list of possible workplace injuries. Despite being a rarity, being injured on the job by a truck is still a frightening possibility. In California, a restaurant worker preparing for the opening of an establishment was injured when a truck careened into the eatery.    

The news-making incident occurred just after noon. The establishment was being prepared to open when the truck crashed through the front entrance after being involved in an accident on the street. As a result, there were structural concerns that led to a response of 44 fire fighters at the scene. One worker was struck as a result of the incident.

The worker who was hit by the truck was transported to the hospital for injuries that were not clearly outlined, but were reported to be non-life-threatening. The driver of the truck declined to be transported to the hospital. The restaurant was unable to open, and officials were called to the scene to determine any structural issues concerning the building.

The inability of the business to open as scheduled due to an accident will likely impact each worker and the owners in a variety of ways. However, the worker injured on the job and in need of medical attention will have to contend with lost wages and hospital bills. In California, workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help workers avoid the financial problems of dealing with lost wages and costly medical treatments. Many workers suffering from a workplace injury seek the assistance of an attorney experienced in handling these types of claims in order to ensure that their rights are fully protected as they seek the maximum allowable benefits payable.

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