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Injured workers in California should know basic rights

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

The workers’ compensation laws and process can be complex, as many workers may be unsure of what to do or what they are entitled to receive. It is vital that injured workers understand their basic rights and how the process may work if they are injured on the job. California workers may be concerned about the fate of their job and benefits any time an injury occurs. Those workers should rest assured that there are professionals ready and able to offer guidance and advice after an injury.

One vital concern may be the future of your employment after you’ve been hurt. An employer can not fire you because you were hurt on the job. You should get compensation while you recover so you can go back to work, if possible. This depends on the specifics of the injuries.

Medical care is another vital area of concern. An injury can require ongoing and extensive medical care. If there is a reason you feel the doctor you have been sent to is not taking proper care of you, you can ask for a different doctor. Disability benefits may apply if the injury means you can’t work, either temporarily or permanently.

Being an injured worker brings about worry and anxiety over the future, even if the injury is minor. No one should have to feel overwhelmed about the future when an injury needs addressed. California injured workers may find more information on our website about what benefits may be available and what legal rights worker would be wise to understand.