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California worker might qualify for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 19, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Getting injured on the job is rarely at the forefront of a person’s mind, but in some occupations, that worry might occur daily. Even with proper safety precautions and safety equipment diminishing the chances of being injured on the job, for some California residents and workers, being around danger is all part a day’s work. However, when injuries and their long-term ramifications do occur, seeking workers’ compensation benefits is often part of the lengthy process of recovery.

In the case of a highway worker, that effect was the loss of his leg. The accident, which occurred last November in Antioch, occurred while the man was working on part of a project to widen Highway 4. Trucks were lined up to pour concrete into a machine that would then place it along the graded road bed. The man was standing on top of one of these machines, working to dislodge some of the concrete inside of it.

According to Cal/OSHA officials, the man slipped and fell straight into the machine, which contained a steel auger that was rotating at the time of the accident. He was taken to a nearby medical center, but the injuries he sustained while on the job required one of his legs to be amputated up to his hip. According to the officials, neither the man nor another one of his co-workers had been adequately trained to work safely with these machines.

When a California worker is seriously injured while working, they might face many physical and financial difficulties in the future. Since the worker’s massive injury was suffered while on the job, he may be entitled to workers’ compensation, which could help in not only compensating for wages lost due to being away from work but also assistance in paying for his medical bills. An attorney experienced with the workers’ compensation process can help shed light on an individual’s personal situation and explain whether or not he or she would be eligible to receive those benefits.

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