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Overpass in Corona collapses, 9 suffer work injury

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

California transportation officials recently ordered what is known as a “safety stand down” in relation to a recent construction accident. The accident resulted in nine workers suffering a work injury. The work suspension, which will affect a widening project for the 91 freeway, is set to last for the weekend.

The accident occurred in Corona on a recent Friday in October, around 11 p.m. While a section of new highway was lowered into place, it dropped suddenly, falling more than a foot. As a result, it hit the wooden support beams that were beneath it, which, in turn, struck a number of workers.

Nine workers who were below the bridge deck suffered injuries, and three of them were critically injured. As of last Saturday, eight remained in the hospital, according to the Riverside County Transportation Commission. The investigation is currently underway, but apparently the fault lay in the jacking operation, which caused the deck to drop around 16 inches.

A work halt is common whenever a serious accident occurs on a construction site and involves injuries. However, the work will likely resume far before the workers who suffered a work injury will be able to return to work. Anyone injured on the job has the right to seek legal advice and assistance after an accident occurs on the job. In the case of this workplace accident, the nine workers are entitled to submit workers’ compensation claims, seeking to recoup some of the financial losses incurred due to lost pay and medical bills. In the state of California, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help individuals with similar types of legal claims.

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