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Construction worker falls and suffers a work injury

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

A California construction worker suffered a work injury recently after he fell from a roof, officials say. The work injury occurred on a recent Thursday in November. He had been working at a job site at a farm in Coachella.

The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m., and emergency personnel were contacted immediately thereafter. The alert pertained to a man who had reportedly fallen at a construction site located at Oasis Mist Farms, which is located in Coachella, a CalFire official stated. The organization did not reveal either how the worker fell or how far he fell.

The worker, whose identity has yet to be released, was rushed to a local hospital with injuries reported as ranging from moderate to extremely severe. A spokesperson from the California Department of Industrial Relations was able to confirm that the agency received the incident report. The Department of Industrial Relations, which is an organization that, when necessary, performs investigations into whether labor or safety violations occurred and contributed to accidents on job sites, confirmed that the worker had not succumbed to his injuries.

When a California worker suffers a work injury, the individual is legally entitled to file for workers’ compensation. Thanks to this form of compensation, after the claim is successfully filed, the worker is often able to recoup some of the financial losses that he or she might have incurred due to suffering a work injury, such as losing pay, as well as responsibility for medical bills. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers with similar types of claims.

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