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Gasoline line accident may prompt workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Sadly, many California residents are injured or killed each year in workplace accidents. While certain lines of work carry more risk than others, it is difficult for many people to fathom the idea of incurring serious injuries at work. Fortunately for those who are injured and the families of those killed in these types of accidents workers’ compensation claims are possible.

Late last week, a gasoline pipeline in Central California ruptured, causing flames to skyrocket as high as 200 feet. The explosion injured two passersby and killed one worker. The worker was reportedly operating the heavy machinery that supposedly struck the gas line that caused the explosion, although it is not clear what type of work was being performed. The gas line was reportedly situated about 12 feet below ground.

The worker who was killed was not an employee of the gas company, nor were any of the gas company employees involved in the accident. The two passersby who sustained injuries were residents of a home that was destroyed in the blaze. Witnesses could reportedly see the flames from 6 miles away, and the fire took about an hour to extinguish.

While workplace deaths are terrible tragedies, the family members of the deceased workers should know their rights. The family members of those injured or killed on the job may be entitled to monetary benefits that can help offset medical bills, funeral costs and lost wages. A lawyer can help these families file workers’ compensation claims, which, if successful, could result in such benefits.

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