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2 injured workers may qualify for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Two construction workers were recently critically injured after a construction accident. The accident, which occurred outside the state of California, happened on a recent Thursday afternoon in June. As the two individuals were at work when the accident occurred, they are both fully within their legal rights to file separate workers’ compensation claims. 

A little after 12:30 p.m., emergency crews received a call regarding the an accident that had taken place at a construction site at an apartment complex, the city’s fire captain said. Two men were reportedly on a scissor lift located in the parking garage area of the sixth floor when something went wrong. It is currently unclear whether the lift fell over or it malfunctioned, but both workers who were on the lift were injured as a result.

Around 30 emergency responders aided in carrying the two injured workers down the six flights of stairs at the construction site. The men reportedly suffered traumatic injuries and were rushed by ambulance to a local medical center, where they were in critical condition. The investigation by OSHA and Salt Lake police to determine the cause of the accident is still underway.

No matter what kind of field or profession an individual works in, anyone who is injured on the job has every right to seek legal advice and assistance after an on-the-job accident. In the case of this construction accident, the two workers are fully entitled to submit workers’ compensation claims as they seek to recoup some of the financial losses they may have incurred due to lost pay and medical bills. In the state of California, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help an individual with a similar type of legal claim.

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