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Dangerous workplace conditions violate workers’ rights

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

California workers have the right to a safe work environment, one that is free from unnecessary dangers or hazards. According to recently released reports, Blue Apron violated workers’ rights due to unsafe, violent and stressful workplace conditions at a fulfillment center in Richmond, California. These workers were exposed to violence, bomb threats, inappropriate touching and much more.

In the 38 months since the fulfillment center in Richmond was opened, police were called twice due to reports of weapons, seven times for assault and three times for bomb threats. There have been four arrests made on company property due to threats of violence. In August of 2015, Blue Apron hired a safety manager for the facility, and reports of violence have since tapered off.

Blue Apron’s rapid growth in popularity led to the rapid hiring of temp workers. While permanent employees are screened and a criminal background check is performed for these applicants, the process for temp workers is not as stringent. This lenient process for certain workers is the likely cause of the company’s issues with violence and problems with worker safety at that particular California facility.

An essential part of protecting workers’ rights is ensuring that every individual is carefully screened before being hired. This greatly reduces the risk of workplace violence or threats of violence against other employees. Employers, no matter the size of the company or type of business, must make employee safety a priority by implementing safety training, offering needed safety equipment and treating employee concerns seriously. When worker rights are violated or a workplace injury occurs, it may be necessary to secure the help of a legal professional.

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