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Suffering from a work injury or work-related illness?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | Workplace Illness |

Work-related injuries can result in financial difficulties and may compromise a person’s ability to perform the same job duties as before, preventing him or her from providing for his or her family. A work-related illness or repetitive stress injury can also cause significant harm, but California workers may not understand their rights regarding compensation. An illness or work injury related to repetitive motion should not be overlooked simply because it did not result from a work accident.

Unfortunately, injured or sick workers may find it difficult to secure the compensation they need for medical treatment and continued care. This can be devastating for a person’s livelihood, especially when all he or she wants is to return to work. We work alongside these individuals and help them navigate the workers’ compensation process. From the initial claim to necessary appeals, we can help.

Many claims are initially denied. Many assume that this is because a repetitive stress injury or work-related sickness is not serious enough to merit workers’ compensation benefits, but instead, claimants can work with experienced lawyers to fight for what they need. They do not have to carry the burden of medical bills, lost wages and ongoing health care needs alone.

We know what these workers are up against, and we know how to protect the rights an injured or sick worker. A work injury or illness may present limitations, but it does not preclude a person from seeking a strong and secure financial future. The workers’ compensation system is complex, but we can help any California worker walk through the entire claims process.