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Industrial workers’ accidents in California can be fatal

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

The state of California requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect anyone that may be injured on a job regardless of the level of the risk on the work site. Some job sites naturally entail more potential risk to employees than others. Construction and industrial jobs are some of the more dangerous jobs that exist. Industrial workers’ accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries. Sadly, a man recently died from injuries suffered while working on a Cirque due Soleil show.

The victim was a 42-year-old technician and son of one of the founders of the Cirque due Soleil show. Before the show, he was struck by a telescopic aerial platform. The man was transferred to a nearby medical facility did not survive his injuries.

The accident is being investigated by authorities and the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Five years of records indicate the show has had no other accidents while performing in California. The scheduled show that he was working on was canceled.

As in this case, industrial workers’ accidents can cause serious injuries and some may be fatal. With an unexpected death, there likely will be overwhelming grief while incurring medical and burial expenses. Experienced California attorneys can help families understand their rights to workers’ compensation death benefits. Family members who may be eligible for benefits are children under the age of 18, spouses who meet income requirements or other family who the victim may have been financially supporting. An attorney will guide family members in understanding who is eligible and provide ongoing assistance throughout the claims process.

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