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Industrial workers’ accidents: Man injured at glass plant

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

For most people in California, work is an essential part of life to survive and maintain a standard of living. Unfortunately, when an employee is injured, his or her ability to work may be threatened. Some injuries allow a person to return to work, and others do not. Because of the environment, industrial workers’ accidents often result in serious injuries. One man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in the glass plant where he was employed, and he will likely be filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Emergency crews were alerted to an accident at a glass factory, and both the city and county emergency crews responded to the call. The details of the accident have not been released due to the pending investigation by the Tennessee division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The investigation is anticipated to last six to eight weeks and will include a review of the scene of the accident, plant protocols, a review of records and interviews of employees.

Rumors have circulated on social medial regarding the details of the accident. It is rumored that approximately 3,000 pounds of glass fell on the employee. The rumors have not been confirmed, but the employee is being treated by a medical facility for his injuries.

When industrial workers’ accidents occur, workers may be worried about when and if they will be able to return to their jobs. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits can assist employees with related injury expenses. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system is often confusing to those seeking to file a claim. Additionally, it may be difficult for an employee to understand the potential medical cost of an on-the-job injury. California attorneys with employment law experience can advise clients through the claims process and understanding the financial extent of their injury to determine if legal action for additional compensation is appropriate. 

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