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Construction workers’ accidents: 4 workers injured

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Safety education and standards have been improved over the years as industries continue to grow to promote the safety of all employees. Despite improvements, construction workers’ accidents still occur and may result in serious injury and/or death. Unfortunately, necessary medical treatment for any injuries can result in unexpected medical expenses. One recent accident in California is currently under investigation after four construction workers were injured on the job site.

The four workers were completing construction on an apartment building. They were all four on a 16-foot-high scaffolding platform as they installed drywall. At some point, the scaffolding collapsed, injuring all four workers.

One of the worker’s injuries were minor, and he did not require to be transported to a medical facility. Reportedly, the other three workers suffered serious injuries, and one is considered to be in critical condition. All three were transported to a nearby medical center for treatment.

Construction workers’ accidents of any degree can result in debilitating injuries and result in lost time to work to earn an income. For families depending on an income, additional medical expenses may become an added financial burden. Fortunately, most California employers are required to provide workers compensation insurance to assist in work-related injury expenses. Unfortunately, it is a difficult system and can be very frustrating for workers to file a claim for adequate compensation. Attorneys familiar with the system and workers’ compensation law can assist injured victims with filing a claim and advocate for the employee through the process to help ensure that all benefits are received.

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