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Industrial workers’ accidents: Man may have been electrocuted

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

All workers face some risks any time they step into a place of employment, but certainly, some jobs contain more risk than others. Since the beginning of the industrial era, factories and industrial plants have been known to contain significant risks to employees. Over the years, industrial work environments in California and across the United States have become safer with regulations and instituted safety measures. Sadly, industrial workers’ accidents still occur. Recently, one accident in another state resulted in a man’s death while he was on shift at his place of employment.

The unidentified man is believed to have been electrocuted on a recent early morning while working. The man was employed by an industrial plant that manufactures chemicals for other plants through the use of furnaces. Despite emergency workers being called to the scene, and desperate measures such as CPR attempted, the employee did not survive. Sadly, he is not the first employee death that the company has suffered in recent years.

Approximately seven years ago, two other employees were killed at this same plant. In the previous accident, a furnace with 26 open work orders exploded, killing the two workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration investigated the plant following the first tragedy and cited the company for multiple safety violations. In addition, the company was fined in recent years since the previous accident for approximately $100,000 for other safety violations. OHSA is currently investigating the recent tragedy as well.

Industrial workers’ accidents such as this one often end in serious injury or tragedy. While employees may understand that workers’ compensation insurance benefits would be available in the event of an injury suffered at work, families of deceased victims may not know that they may also be eligible for benefits. The benefits may not last a lifetime but may help a family transition financially without their loved one. California attorneys familiar with the system can assist a grieving family through the process.

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