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Construction workers’ accidents: Company fined for violations

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

It is difficult to deny the impact that invention and improvement of various tools over the years have had on the construction field. While various tools may enable workers to finish a job in an efficient and timely manner, if not used properly, they can result in serious construction workers’ accidents. The California Department of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently concluded an investigation involving an employee who was injured by a nail gun tool.

The accident occurred to an employee earlier this year while transporting a nail gun. Reportedly, the employee was walking with the nail gun in his hand with his finger on the trigger. In the process, the gun fired and went through his leg, resulting in a serious injury. Because of the severity of the injury and previous accident investigations with the same company in recent years, a Cal-OHSA investigation was triggered.

Cal-OSHA recently released its investigation findings. It concluded that the company failed to offer necessary hands-on safety training with the nail gun use. Employees in the company have reportedly suffered injuries from a nail gun in 34 different accidents. Cal-OHSA is proposing a $225,500 proposal for the violations.

Government-run agencies such as Cal-OSHA help regulate and promote workplace safety and improvements. Despite safety policies, gear and training, construction workers’ accidents are likely to continue to occur. When accidents do occur, most employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance benefits. California attorneys understand that filing claims with the state-managed insurance program can be difficult, and they are able to assist with filing a claim.