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Construction workers’ accidents: Family loses father this holiday

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

It is never a good time of the year to lose a loved one. However, the loss of a loved during the holidays is all the more difficult and sad. California workers may be saddened to learn of one family’s loss this holiday season in one of the country’s recent fatal construction workers’ accidents.

Few details of the accident have been reported during the pending police investigation. One of his surviving daughters reported the heartbreak her family and mother are feeling this holiday season with the sudden loss of her father. Reportedly, her father suffered fatal injuries after falling down an elevator shaft on a construction site.

The 41-year-old man’s daughter explained that her father had been a roofer for approximately 11 years. He was part of a roofing company when his accident occurred. The daughter stated that she heard that it was a windy day when her father’s accident occurred, but she was unsure if it factored into his accident. Her father was the only provider for his wife and children. Friends and family are raising funds to help support the family during the transition.

When similar fatal construction workers’ accidents occur such as this one, families may find some financial relief through a workers’ compensation claim. When employees are covered by workers compensation insurance, families of deceased workers may qualify for death benefits. It is often confusing for grieving families to process a claim through the state-managed system, but California attorneys offer valuable assistance to families in need of filing a claim after a tragic death.