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Construction workers’ accidents: Crane crash kills 4

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Accidents in the California construction industry are all too common. Unfortunately, construction workers’ accidents can result in serious injuries and death. Injured workers may be overwhelmed with filing workers’ compensation claims to cover medical and expenses and lost income. And surviving families of those workers killed on the job have their hands full struggling to come to terms with their losses. A recent crash on a construction site in another state resulted in the deaths of four people and injured others.  

The accident occurred near a busy intersection. A large construction crane was being used to facilitate work on a nearby building when it crashed for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, it crashed into traffic, striking cars, damaging the roadway and the nearby building.

Sadly, four people were killed. Three of them were part of the construction crew and crane operation. The fourth victim was a young nursing student who was killed when the crane crashed onto her vehicle. Others who suffered injuries, including a 4-month old baby, were expected to survive. The investigation and stabilization of the damaged area may take months.

Construction workers’ accidents such as this one can cause life-altering changes for workers and the families of deceased workers. California personal injury attorneys understand that it is devastating to learn that a loved one is not returning home from work. While processing grief, family members of deceased victims must also deal with funeral decisions and other financial changes. Many families seek help from an attorney to file claims for workers’ compensation death benefits and to assess whether grounds also exist for a third-party wrongful death claim.