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Construction workers’ accidents: Man suffers fatal injury

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Construction and expansion throughout California often provide work and income to skilled workers, but, unfortunately, all construction sites maintain some risk to workers. When construction workers’ accidents occur, workers and their families are at risk of losing much-needed income. When a worker suffers a fatal injury, families may struggle to cope emotionally and financially. Fortunately, many families are qualified to file for worker’s compensation death benefits to assist in the financial transition. Sadly, one family in another state is experiencing the shocking grief of a loved one following a tragic accident on a building site.  

The accident occurred on a new building site for a large plumbing distributor. Details of the accident have not been reported, but initial reports indicate that a worker may have been trapped under a steel beam. Two workers were injured in the morning accident.

Fortunately, one worker only suffered minor injuries and is expected to survive. The other 42-year-old worker suffered serious injuries. Reportedly, the site supervisor initiated first aid to the injured workers while waiting on emergency responders, but the seriously injured man did not survive. The accident investigation is pending, and companies involved in the accident report are cooperating with investigators to understand why the accident occurred. 

Sadly, many construction workers’ accidents may be as serious and deadly as this one. While no amount of compensation will replace the life of a loved one, compensation can help handle the unexpected transition. Many families find the assistance of a California attorney to be helpful when filing workers’ compensation claims due to the complexity of the state-managed insurance system.