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Industrial workers’ accidents: Employee trapped in machinery

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

All workplaces are required to enforce safety measures for employees, but some workplaces are required to have more than others because of the type of work involved. Industries operating with large machinery are required to provide a safe work environment and enforce various policies; otherwise, serious industrial workers’ accidents can occur. Currently, Cal-OHSA is investigating the safety policies and procedures at a California steel processing plant following the tragic death of an employee.

Reportedly, the accident occurred at the plant on the night shift. Emergency workers were called to the plant around 3:30 in the morning. The employee was working with a belt and a mandrel at the time of the accident. A mandrel is a cylindrical object used to shape other things. Somehow, the employee became trapped between the belt and the mandrel.

Reportedly, emergency workers were able to remove the employee from the machinery within minutes of arriving. Sadly, the employee suffered serious injuries and later died a hospital. The investigation into the events and any safety violations that the company may have violated are pending.

Sadly, many industrial workers’ accidents do end in tragedy. As a result, families are left to grieve the sudden loss of a loved one, and they must learn to live financially without the loved one’s income. Many families may qualify for death benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance program, which may help to assist during new life circumstances. California attorneys who are familiar with the insurance program are willing to assist families through the difficult time.