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Construction workers’ accidents: Man struck by nail gun and dies

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A well-loved California man had recently secured his green card when he experienced a sudden fatal accident at his job. Sadly, construction workers’ accidents like his are bound to happen when people work in unsafe environments. In cases like his, grieving families are often left to adjust their lives and finances without their loved one.

According to a Cal-OHSA report, the man was measuring a staircase in a building under construction when his accident occurred. Someone working three flights above him dropped a nail gun. The nail gun hit the 38-year-old worker in the head, resulting in the man losing balance and falling another 10 flights to the concrete floor below. Workers witnessed the man convulsing and seizing from the serious head injury he suffered from the fall.

The man was hospitalized but remained in a coma for almost a week before he died. Cal-OHSA performed an investigation of the job site and determined that construction site lacked several necessary safety barriers that could have prevented the employee’s death. The involved construction companies have been fined thousands for the safety violations, and the man’s family have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the companies who were in charge of the accident.

Sadly, construction workers’ accidents can be serious like this man’s unfortunate fall. Whether an injury results in a change of quality of life for an employee or leaves a family without a loved one, it can result in dire financial stress. California attorneys familiar with work accidents can advise families of their rights and options to help with financial losses whether through a workers’ compensation claim or a civil lawsuit.