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Man flown to trauma center due to workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

People often make a plan for a variety of different circumstances in their lives. However, few people in California likely plan for a scenario in which they suffer severe workplace injuries. Because all occupations hold a risk of injury and the consequences can be severe, states require that employers provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits. 

In fact, a man in another state may qualify for these benefits after he reportedly suffered an injury at work. While some of the details of his injuries are unclear, rescue personnel responded to reports of an accident during the afternoon hours of a day in late September. According to reports, the man, working at a Ready Mix plant, was working on a piece of equipment.

Unfortunately, his hand reportedly became trapped in the machinery, resulting in a rush injury. When rescue workers arrived, the man had disentangled himself and was lying on the floor. Reports indicate that he was transported to the airport after he was stabilized and was then flown to a trauma center. 

Though the man is expected to survive, the ramifications of the workplace injuries may be difficult to determine in the time period immediately following the accident. Many people who are injured at work are never able to fully recovery, often impeding their ability to complete their job-related responsibilities. Fortunately, many victims of such an incident in California have found that workers’ compensation insurance benefits can help with a variety of different financial consequences, potentially even including the costs of training to complete another job. Because many people who are recovering from such injuries may not feel prepared to negotiate with an insurance company, many choose to seek guidance from an experienced professional.